Goodwall for Universities | Goodwall - Womanity support best female students in the Middle East
Goodwall and Womanity team up to support the best female students in the Middle East offering $5000 scholarship and one-year full-tuition at the Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai.
Student scholarship
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Goodwall and Womanity Celebrate The Talent of Young Woman in The Middle East

“The contest created by Goodwall and The Womanity Foundation is a recognition of the excellence achieved by young women around the Middle East and Northern Africa,” says Goodwall co-founder Taha Bawa. “We believe that talent can be found everywhere around the world, and we want to make sure these talented young women receive the education they need and deserve.”

The Womanity Foundation and Goodwall are proud to present you their new scholarship project directed at female students from the Middle East and North Africa.

The Womanity Foundation and Goodwall have launched a competition directed at female students who have had a positive and lasting impact in their community or have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. The objective of the program is to celebrate the excellence and talent of female students living in the Middle East and North Africa and to support girls and women’s access to quality education and vocational training.

In 2017, Goodwall Womanity Scholarship will cover a one-year full-tuition at the Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai for a female young leader in the MENA region and IPADS to the 10 finalists.

second Scholarship will offer a prize of USD 5,000 to cover the tuition of a university of choice of the winner.

To participate to the call, interested candidates have to create a profile on Goodwall. More details can be found here: Closing date for application is April 28th, 2017.

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