Goodwall for Universities | Student Recruitment Team of the Month: Ball State University
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Student Recruitment Team of the Month: Ball State University

This month, we are joined by Oz Khurshid from Ball State University. As theSocial Media & Communications Coordinator, Oz works with a large team to recruit overseas students. We met with him to understand what they do to engage with prospective students along their enrollment journey and better increase conversions.

How many people do you have in your student recruitment and admissions team?

I would say around 30 people. We call it the International Programs Department. We have different sections inside the department too. For example we have people in charge of arranging activities, we have people to do recruitment and we do admission work as well.

What are the main objectives of this team and challenges faced in international student recruitment?

The mission of the office is to recruit eligible and diverse students internationally. We embrace the university’s commitment to obtain the quality of students who are going to succeed and graduate. Our admissions department also maintains the processes ensuring all the students meet the proper credentials. Basically getting the best students we can, that will always be the challenge.

How have you used Goodwall’s platform as part of your student recruitment strategy?


“Reaching out to students via Goodwall has been tremendously helpful.”

We’ve used the platform to follow up with the students, guide and advise them,  and reply to their questions. We get very good responses from the outreach messages.

With the emergence of a new generation of students, being more digital savvy, how does Goodwall help you respond to students’ new expectations and modernize your recruitment? 

Goodwall is an excellent platform to present us to prospective students, so basically the mobile application makes it very easy. Reaching out to students is the challenge so the matching leads and the handpicked leads on Goodwall’s platform has really made it easier to drive students towards [Ball State’s] profile. This allows me to reach out to them with guidance on the process. Every week we get a set of people that I can reach out to, follow up with and see if they have any questions

Students have become empowered in their university choices in sharing and reading about other students’ experience, comparing courses online. How has this impacted the way you approach student recruitment both domestically and internationally?

It has had a great impact, especially with international students. They do really get excited when a university reaches out to them because they are used to reaching out to universities themselves, so I got the sense that when they get a message from us they get overwhelmed. They tend to have a conversation and start asking us questions, so they are willing but just need guidance to reach out. We saw a really strong impact by reaching out to them to start the conversation.

“Goodwall is just the best for prospective students internationally. It has been helping us reach many achievements. for the last two months it has been really great and I have been overwhelmed by the number of students connecting to us through the platform.”


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